TechTrack Events

Hacking your house and stealing droids!

Presented by: Mike Jones

July 25th @1:00PM-1:50PM

In this time and age everything is "connected". How many eyes do you have peering at you through the dark in your own bed while you sleep?

Let me show you how I take over entire homes and the damage that can be done! We will also go over stealing droids by the thousands...
No not Star Wars battles in the clouds... No this takes place right here in the low hovering clouds of earth!

Come join us as we make it rain shells from the clouds!

Let's Not Keep Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

Presented by: Josh Geno

July 25th @2:00PM-2:50PM

As companies grow to ever-increasing heights it becomes an increasing challenge to identify and respond to gaps in security architecure as systems and business needs require more and more complexity.
I will be discussing how to go about addressing these gaps and how to overcome them with analytic exercises and tools.

Women in Cybersecurity

Presented by: Rebecca Harvey and Michelle Beracy

July 25th @3:00PM-3:50PM

Join us for an in-depth discussion about how creating a diverse, supportive, and collaborative environment will not only enhance your team's effectiveness, but will also attract the talent that you need to respond to cybersecurity events going forward.

Ransomware: It lurks in your supply chain…

Presented by: Steve Tobias

July 25th @4:00PM-4:50PM

Which of your vendors is likely to be the next ransomware statistic? Supply chain ransomware attacks are on the rise in the U.S.
This session will explore gaining visibility into which third parties may be more susceptible to ransomware attacks leveraging vendor cybersecurity ratings. Insights into 4th-party risk and tips for incorporating vendor cybersecurity ratings into an organization's TPRM/VRM program will be included.

Effective Communication Starts with Their Value

Presented by: Kevin Holleran

July 26th @9:00AM-9:50AM

To be effective in communicating risk to decision makers, cyber security must
frame the message in the value set of the recipient and ensure security activities are integrated with the business units.
Unfortunately, security often acts separately from the business and their recommendations do not resonate with decision makers.

In this presentation, we will explore how to integrate security with the business, and effectively communicate in an impactful way. We will discuss tactics and present methods of communication that foster a trust relationship
with the business and lead to successful partnerships that generate value.

Digital Forensics

Presented by: Natasha Young

July 26th @10:00AM-10:50AM

Digital forensics have never been more approachable with the growth of open source toolsets that enable teams of all skill levels to embrace a more robust approach to fact-finding and building out an incident narrative.

Purple Team Discussion

Presented by: James King & Rich Wunsch

July 26th @11:00AM-11:50AM

Transitioning from red team to blue team involves a transition of both skill and mentality. Join us for an open conversation about the benefits that a purple team perspective can bring to your pentesting operations.

Event descriptions subject to change.